Monday, January 16, 2017

Why You Should Be Loyal To Yourself!

Hello lovelies, This is an interesting subject focusing on self  loyalty and improvement.

Firstly, What's Loyalty? It is the state of being devoted, committed, and faithful to something, someone, or self. But today, Let's focus on self loyalty which is the fundamental basis of being loyal to others. If you are not loyal to yourself you can't be loyal to others, And without self-loyalty no self-improvement. So therefore, the basic instrument for self-improvement is self-loyalty.

Are you loyal to yourself? If you plan to do something do you fight tooth and nail to do it? Do you endeavor to bring your dreams to pass or stop at any stumbling block raising its ugly head against it? Are you loyal to your decision or do you change it along the line when it becomes too hard or seems profitless? Are you loyal to your faith and self imposed principle? Do you self-descipline in self-loyalty?

Be determined to be loyal to yourself, to God, to others, to your job/work/career/business and anything you do and you will prosper. Loyalty should go with integrity and dignity in other to obtain a great result from it.

I hope you're inspired by this article. Kindly cull and share to others. Remember to give credit, Thanks!
*Stay Tuned*.